Monday, November 05, 2007

Line Drawings

Well, this is the view from my window in my room in Moreno Valley, CA. Mornings are beautiful here.

This is a silly cartoon about the sounds of morning in Manila. There are a lot of roosters out here! And they crow throughout the day! I heard one just now.

This is the hillside behind my grandparent's house in Baguio City, which is north of Manila.

We went to a resort south of Baguio, at a place called Asin. This place was a slice of paradise! It was nestled within a set of hills under a spectacular blue sky.

This is a banana tree I sat down to draw at the Botanical Gardens in Baguio.


Rick REese said...


Kevin Bannister said...

wow, never seen your sketches much. very cool dude!

Augusto said...

Thanks! Is everyone blogging again?